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Are you looking for talented and qualified professionals with an international background, to join your organisation?

Recruitment or staffing?

Our candidates meet your requirements for experience, skills and expertise, and add unique value to your organisation through their cultural insights and language proficiency.

Our recruitment and staffing solutions help to strengthen your team, reach your long-term diversity and inclusion goals, and work for social commitment.

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"Incluso are very communicative and quickly respond to feedback from recruiting managers.
They work very hard to make their consultants feel good and are a very responsible employer. It's a pleasure working with them."

Ava Fard
HR Generalist
Huawei Technologies Sweden AB

"Incluso always presents very good candidates that matches both competences and our company culture. They are perceptive, quick and efficient. I am very pleased as a customer and I can highly recommend Incluso."

Lena Leffler
Operations Manager

”We are very pleased with Incluso. Engaged and skilled with a high level of service. Incluso made an extensive analyse of our needs which resulted in a very accurate and successful recruitment of two co-workers.”

Ezra Tibbelin
Chef eftermarknad
Metrohm Nordic

Ava Fard
HR Generalist
Huawei Technologies Sweden AB

Lena Leffler
Operations Manager

Ezra Tibbelin
Chef eftermarknad
Metrohm Nordic


Unbiased recruitment with focus on skills and organisational fit

Unique, international networks with cultural insights and linguistic diversity

Experience, expertise and social commitment

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We help you to find a candidate whose profile, qualifications and skills match your organisation values, goals, and present needs.

– For more than ten years, our recruiters have matched open positions with international talent, and built up extensive networks of qualified professionals in Sweden and abroad.

– Our database includes native speakers of more than 30 languages. Many of our candidates have lived, worked and studied in several countries, and have integrated inter-cultural skills and international business practice as part of their expertise.

– Our network includes well established professionals with work experience in Sweden, as well as newcomers and refugees.

– Our candidates are qualified professionals on all levels in the following sectors: Business administration and finance, Marketing and Sales, Law and Accounting, HR and Communication, IT and Design, Science and Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Architecture.

We recognise that each recruitment process is unique, and we always customise our approach to best meet your needs and preferences. Total recruitment guarantee is always included in your solution package.

Initiation and planning
Incluso develops a requirement specification, position description, and recruitment plan that reflect your organisation values and current vacancy.

We conduct a systematic search of our database, networks and external channels to identify and contact potential candidates who match your requirements.

Screening and short listing
We review applicants and candidates, conduct in-depth interviews, and select three to four top candidates for you to meet in person.

Presentation and verification
As you are presented with our short-listed candidates, we conduct background checks, take references and make personality tests, to guarantee that your selected candidates fulfil your criteria.

On-boarding and induction
Once you are ready for on-boarding, we make sure an efficient start for your new team member. We also offer a complementary induction programme and support for management and your newly acquired talent, as well as diversity training on individual and organisational levels.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We deliver customised and immediate staffing solutions according to your requirements and time frame. Short and long term staffing always require talent that can perform with minimum orientation training, and therefore, our solutions have a strong focus on accuracy and efficiency.
Incluso is a member of the Swedish Staffing Agencies, and we comply with their regulations and contracts.