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Incluso Consultants that are available immediately or with short notice.

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Data Scientist/Computer Vision Engineer
Master’s in Physics and several years of industrial experience.

computer vision, deep learning, optimization, graphs, algorithms
Neural architectures: MLP, CNN, Autoencoder, StyleGAN, Hourglass, SSD, LSTM
Programming languages: Python (7 years), C++ (2 years), CUDA, JavaScript,
TypeScript, HTML, Java, C#, Matlab.
Frameworks: Pytorch, Tensorflow 2 (Dataset API, Object Detection API),
Libraries: Opencv, Numpy, matplotlib, pandas, subprocess, scipy, sklearn, xgboost
Code version control: git, Gitlab, Github, LFS, merge request / code review, CI/CD
3d tools: Blender, OpenSfM, COLMAP
Linux: screen, simple commands, htop, df -h, nvidia-smi, apt-get, nano, mc, ssh, keys
Tools: DGX-1, Docker, Dockerfile, Docker Compose, pip, pipenv, linters, pytest, typing
IDEs: Pycharm, Spyder, IPython Notebook, VS Code

Aeronautical Engineer
Master’s in Aerodynamics and CFD, and two years of experience in industry-leading international companies in cooling advanced technologies.

CFD simulations with ANSYS Fluent, CFX, and Simcenter Flotherm, testing/measurements and pre-post processing software such as ANSA and ParaView.
Tools and technology:
ANSYS, CATIA, ANSA, ParaView, OpenVSP, COMSOL, Abaqus, SolidWorks, Siemens NX, RigVIEW, MATLAB, Java, Python, LaTeX, MS Office, PreSTo-Cabin, BeX, Hopsan.


Quality Management Specialist
Bachelor’s in Telecommunication and several years of industrial experience.

Quality Environmental Health and Safety (QEHS), Telecommunication, R&D, Working safety, Team Leader, Agile and Lean, Product development, ISDP, Test Management and visualization tools.