Consulting through Incluso

We are a small and dedicated consultant agency that take pride in caring for our consultants. We will always be here for you.

Our clients
We have consultants working at major companies like; Huawei, Volvo, Husqvarna, Ericsson, H&M and Tetra Pak.

For consultants coming from outside Sweden
Since we search and source competence globally many of our consultants are coming from outside of Sweden.

We are doing our very best to make sure moving to Sweden will be as smooth as possible and we will help you with everything from work permit to getting a Swedish ID Card.

Incluso consultants are employed by Incluso and earn competitive salaries. During your employment you will have a dedicated Consultant Manager who will always be there for you.

We follow the Swedish collective agreements, which among other things means:

    • You have 25 days of paid holiday
    • Each month you we pay towards your supplementary pension
    • We pay all mandatory insurances

You will also benefit from everything in the Swedish welfare system, including: free health care, parental benefits, child care etc.

Incluso relocation
In co-operation with Prime Relocation we offer a relocation package for all our consultants that are moving to Sweden.

The relocation package includes:

    • Residence and work permit for non-EU citizens
    • Flight tickets to Sweden
    • Home finding
    • School search for your children
    • Settling-in service

    See below for more details.

Work permit
For all our consultants coming from a non-EU country we take care of all matters regarding the work permit application. 

Flight tickets
We will pay for flight tickets (economy) for you and your family when coming to Sweden.

Home finding
We will help you to find an apartment/house in Sweden and we start with this as soon as you have been contracted.

This includes:


    • Market research and identification of suitable options in accordance with your needs and requirements
    • Book viewings of properties
    • Accompanied viewings
    • Negotiation of rental agreement
    • Drawing up rental agreement and coordination of signatures
    • Move-in inspection including written documentation
    • Handover of keys and complete walk through of the property when moving in
    • Making sure all utilities are in place (electricity, broadband, TV, home insurance etc.)

School search
We guide you through the different options and steps to take when choosing schools/kindergartens for your children.

Settling-in service
It can be hard to understand the needs to be done, and how to do them, when arriving in Sweden. We will do our best to make it easier for you.

Our settling-in service includes:

    • Registration at Tax Office to obtain Swedish personal identity number (PIN)
    • Helping you get a Swedish ID Card
    • Registration at Swedish Social Health Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)
    • Open a bank account

We will do everything we can to support you and we are always available for any questions you might have.

Welcome to Sweden and Incluso!


“Working as a consultant under Incluso has given me a career growth beyond my expectation. Incluso has been very supportive in helping me get my work permit on time and in a very smooth process.
I highly recommend them for anyone looking for opportunities to establish and grow their career in Sweden”

“It was a pleasure for me to work at Incluso and I found them very supportive and treating me with respect.
What I like most about Incluso is that they are very responsive.”

“Basically, I was feeling safe while working for Incluso.”

Isaya Ntilema
Network Engineer

Ebrahim Gozali
Fluid Dynamics Engineer