Incluso receives funding from VINNOVA to map the IT competence among asylum seekers

Nov 24, 2015

We’re very happy to announce that Incluso, together with Stockholm Business Region Development, will receive funding from VINNOVA for a project towards asylum seekers in the Stockholm area.

The purpose of this project is to establish a scalable and economically sustainable model for the inclusion of newly arrived graduates. We’re specifically aiming for graduates with IT and telecom competence since there’s a big demand for these talents in Stockholm.

The model we want to create means that the competence of the talents will be recognized much faster and that the companies looking for IT talents can take advantage of this. This also means that the way into the Swedish society will be much faster and smoother for the newly arrived individuals.


David Lundborg
Incluso AB
0701 – 50 61 00

Marie Sundström
Project Manager
Stockholm Business Region Development
0761 – 22 80 50