Trainee Program

Incluso trainee program

During 2017
With support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth we implemented Incluso Trainee Program during 2017 with these partners: Koncept Stockholm, Electrolux, Klarna, Jusek, Visit Sweden and Peppy Pals. We hope to implement a new round later this year.

At Incluso we’ve designed a unique program specifically for graduates that have recently arrived and wish to work in Sweden. The program represents an ideal opportunity for trainees to begin or continue their careers’ here in Sweden.

It also gives employers an opportunity to reach new groups of highly quailified candidates while at the same time promoting social sustainability.

In order to create the best possible conditions for a long-term employment, we provide the participants with Swedish language training and individual coaching during the traineeship.

Based on a job description representing a real competence need at the employer, Incluso carry out a search in their networks, screen and interview candidates to be able to present 2-4 qualified candidates to the employer.

To be eligible for the program candidates must be registered at Arbetsförmedlingen, and have been part of “Etableringen” within Arbetsförmedlingen.

Filled Trainee positions

Marwa Helmy

Event Coordinator
Visit Sweden

Marwa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Commerce from Ain Shames University in Cairo.
She will work as an Event Coordinator planning and participating in the event “Swedish Workshop”.

Juno Sandriya

Electronics Test and Verification Engineer

Juno holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
She along with the Home care and SDA team will be closely working on their current projects.

Misbah Bilal

Social Media Coordinator
Peppy Pals

Misbah has a Master In Business Administration from International Islamic University in Islamabad Pakistan.
She will manage and coordinate the social media for Peppy Pals.

Khaled Absi

Graphic Designer

Khaled is a Graphic Designer graduated from the Univeristy of Damascus.
He will be part of the design department at Electrolux in Stockholm.

After finishing Incluso Trainee Program Khaled is now employed by Electrolux.
Congratulations Khaled!

Lina Darweash

Koncept Stockholm

Lina is an architect, graduated from the Univeristy of Damascus.
She will be part of a team of architects at Koncept in Stockholm.

After finishing Incluso Trainee Program Lina is now employed by Koncept.
Congratulations Lina!

Tarek Mahassen

Klarna bank

Tarek is an Administrator, graduated from the Univeristies of Damascus and Almeria.
He will be part of the Klarna Banks Operations Teams  in Stockholm.
Good news!
After six weeks of internship Tarek got a permanent position as Junior Advisor at Klarna Service Center in Stockholm.

Sampath Fernando


Sampath is an IT-Technician with many years of expirience from IT-support in Dubai.
He will be part of Jusek’s IT-support team in Stockholm.

After finishing Incluso Trainee Program Sampath is now employed by Jusek.
Congratulations Sampath!

Incluso Trainee Program Partners

Electrolux Incluso Trainee Program
Koncept Incluso Trainee Program
Koncept Incluso Trainee Program